Does CleanMore bring their supplies?

Yes, we bring our supplies, including vacuums, buckets, mops, and brooms. If you however prefer to use your supplies and equipment, please inform us in advance.

Does someone need to be present?

You do not have to be there to get your cleaning done. You can leave us instructions on how to enter your apartment. However, if our cleaners show up and they are not able to enter your home you will be charged a lockout fee. Clients are always welcome to stick around during the cleaning.

How do I book a residential cleaning?

You can book directly through our website or contact our sales department for a quote.

How do I book a commercial or post-construction cleaning?

You can request a quote on our website, or you can speak to one of our sales agents, who will guide you through the process and offer you the best price.

Do you clean green?

Yes, we do. Our eco-friendly services are available. We use eco-friendly and sustainable products, but should you desire specific products please let us know.

Do you offer pet cleaning services?

Yes, we do. Our service professional is pet friendly and will ensure that products are safe for your pets. We use pet-safe products, but should you desire a specific product please let us know.

What if I just had post-construction/ renovation work done?

We will customize your request according to the needs of your cleaning and provide you with the best price possible.

Can I give specific instructions to the cleaners or ask for specific requests?

Please ensure that all specific requests are relayed to the customer success team before your cleaning appointment. While our service professionals are on the job, their focus is to finish the task at hand, however, please give feedback about the areas that are scheduled to be cleaned.

What is a deep Clean?

CleanMore recommends a deep clean for a customer who has not had a professional clean for a month or more. We will ensure a complete and thorough cleaning.

How do I sign up for recurring cleaning?

When you book online, you will be able to request a recurring cleaning and we will schedule your recurring cleaning. You can log into your online account with us and remind us of your next booking, for any further changes or notifications, you can call or email us at cleanmore.21services@gmail.com

What if I only want common areas or individual rooms cleaned?

To book individual rooms, the first book the studio option, then specify in the special instructions box that you only want a certain room or area cleaned. The rate will be adjusted to accommodate the request.

How do I get a free office cleaning or post-construction quote etc.?

You can email us at cleanmore.21services@gmail.com or call us at 718-719-7649 to get more information about promotions and/ or packages.

Do you clean during business or after hours?

Yes, we do! Our staff can clean day or night depending on your preference. Please provide special instructions, including the time you would like the cleaning to be done, the number of hours available for the task, information about ways to access the building (including if there are alarms), and ways to arm the building (if necessary).


Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, if you cancel less than 24 hours before the cleaning appointment, you will be charged 25% of your estimated total cleaning cost.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Cash, Checks Stripe payments online which includes credit card payments such as Visa and Mastercard.

Do I get a discount if I am a regular customer?

Yes! We offer 10% to our first-time customers, 10% to those who clean biweekly, and 15% to those who clean weekly. After your 5th clean, you get 25% off and after your 10th clean you get 50 % off

(Conditions apply, residential cleaning only and cleaning must be done at the same residence, Customer success specialist will provide more information).

Do you offer a referral Program?

Yes, every time you offer a potential client to us you receive 5 points. When you get 100 points you will receive one cleaning for free.   (Conditions apply regarding the size of the area that is being cleaned. A customer success specialist will provide more information).

Do I have to leave a tip?

No, tips are appreciated but not required. If you are paying at the end of the cleaning and you desire to leave a tip, you can let us know to include it in your final payment amount.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24 hrs. each day to take your call. However, our cleaning professionals work from 9 am to 11 pm. Please note that prices after 7 pm will include a $50 after-hour service charge.